a moment like this

Just feeling bummed. I can’t type more words.

Just these synonyms

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There are moments when you get attracted to someone yet deep down you know you can’t go beyond.  Some people though chooses to cross that line, some hide and proceed with their desires but few chooses to stay.
I don’t know why, and I don’t how these things happens but I wish could understand.  Right now I’m fighting between the battle of these wonderful feeling

California maki


Not everyone could appreciate other countries food but me?  Love this freshly made California maki!

Kebe (Arabic Food)


I had a chance to celebrate iftar with Syrian family.  They made this kebe food filled with meat inside   it was so good and I dip it with yogurt.  Their food is very new to my home country but I am loving it. 



My first time to eat Syrian desert.  Love the creamy filling.