To be the other woman

Have you ever wish to be the other woman?

It feels like the world has been so bright yet I’m on a cave where all darks and no hope.

Everyone knows I’m with you but everyone doesn’t know I wish to be the other woman. .  .

And I despair so many times like every person who felt so hopeless.

I see you, I can touch you, yet I hope you will see me the way you see her.

I wish to be her, where you care to ask how’s her life, where you reminisce the happiness you’ve shared and you sincerely tell her how pretty she is.

You are with me,yet all you see is how desperate I am.

Wouldn’t even bother to care that I am hurting because of your actions.

and here I am like a wet mouse, striving to live  and feed whatever I was given.

I wish to be the other woman,where you look forward to see …

Where your heart beats and make your day smile.


I don’t need another day … to feel miserable

Yet I long for you and hope one day you’ll see me the way I deserve to be .



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