On the road

On the road

I’m lost in the same road i used to passed by with my own choices.
I felt it many times and many ways but couldn’t get a cue at all.
I’m certain I couldn’t turn back the time and the only choice is to move forward.
I can’t get in. I feel like shouting but no words seems to come out.
The world seems to fall and amidst the crisis i become more inferior.
I couldn’t understand any of it, the world seems to be the hardest place.
I stare blankly as if there was a shield on this big cosmos.
I couldn’t even move because of what my choice has been bothering me.
Let me go back to the world where innocence is excuse.
Let me close my eyes and hear the sound of a happy song .
Let me cross again my childhood memories as if it’s the only happy thoughts I have.


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