There were times….



There were many times when a certain moment seems so dull. When one doesn’t even know what to do but stare at a certain space.

There were many times when I don’t know the purpose of me living when one has to die in the end. I couldn’t possibly understand the world with so many happenings.

When one seems so ordinary and couldn’t appreciated it, that it makes me vomit to accept the kind of things. 

I know I don’t make sense as if telling these would make it more important. 

But there was also a time  when a day seems likes minutes. When a month seems like just an hour. And there were times when I just wanna stop the moving of the tick-tock sound and stay at that moment forever. 

I miss the feeling… I miss everything but missing these things feels like missing half of my life. 

So i stare again at the space where I couldn’t comprehend a certain space that comes before me. 




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