There are always a million ways to describe a certain picture.
And I always define the sea as “endless possibilities”.
It will always be unknown. It will always be unsure.
The sea represents the life we have. It will not be always sunshine, it will not always be a calm mode and it will not always be as exciting as it can be. Others are lost and others are drown like our memories.Others are safe and others are curious.
I fret to imagine what possibilities it may have though I welcome whatever it will be.


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      1. Welcome. There’s a good chance I’ll be in the Philippines in March. Looking forward to capturing some awesome images there. I’ve only been once before back in 1993. My parents go a couple of times a year. They are missionaries. They have a house in Angeles City. Where, other than Mt. Pinatubo would you suggest I go to get some good landscape photos?

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