My foot just started.

I cannot even tell how glad I am that it scares me to tell the world how excited I am.

All I know is that it’s a mystery that I cannot even tell.

I’m fascinated how people with different culture speaks one language. It’s incredible how they comprehend each other’s thoughts. Yet sometimes it’s a bit barrier when one cannot express it thoroughly. I was always curious about the world beyond the things I always see. And when I started doing it, I’m glad I did. I have fears with heights that somehow riding on a plane doesn’t excite me yet the thought after it makes me strong because I know I’ll see beyond what I know. The tall building with different designs, colors and history made me want to know more the beauty of its existence. Although It seems it is always fun but there are stories apart from the naked eyes see. Their sadness, romance and stories that one cannot even pertain to understand. Although there’s more to go, Although I am still few steps of the journey I hope one day I’ll be able to share the world so that we could open our minds with what we always think how little our world could be.

I’m glad my feet started it…


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