death of the housecat


I knew it earlier when I left the house. I have assumed that the cat was not in its best condition. I did try to give the cat a food but it replied a snob. So when I came home at night, I saw the dead cat with my own eyes. It feels like I’m the saddest person alive. I couldn’t help it , as tears flow down from my eyes. His memories flash through my thoughts and suddenly realizing how the cat somehow made me happy. I used to play with him. He would bite my feet under the table while I was eating. I used to be giggled about it.I made fun about his hardly audible sound. My sisters and I used to fight for him, We tried to shoo away the other cats who likes to wrestle with him, for that cat doesn’t seem to know how to fight back. He was such a domesticated cat. There was a time when I was really mad at him for he played with the poor bat at night and the next day the bat died. But his presence always makes me feel secured whenever I’m alone in the house. I cared for the cat even most of the time I didn’t give enough attention. Still doesn’t mean I didn’t care.

oh how I’m feeling sorry. I’m sorry for I did not take good care of the house cat. I hope you are in heaven, as they have always said,”Every pet goes to Heaven”.


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