a flight to remembered

I remember my first time solo on riding a plane. It was 3 years ago. I couldn’t forget about it because it leaves me horror memory. My scheduled flight was 6 in the evening. Unfortunately our flight was delayed due to technical difficulty. By that moment, I started to fret because I’m starting to doubt if the plane can make it. The attendant announced that our flight will be delayed even more without mentioning how long it would take. I was already at the airport by quarter to 4 in the afternoon. So my being impatient escalates even more but gladly I met few passengers that I can chat with while waiting. As hours passed by I have observed that people are starting to have their grouchy faces. They keep on asking the attendant how much longer should we wait. I started to feel anxious and hungry by the time I realized it was past 9 in the evening. Sadly, I have a few bucks left in my pocket and did assume I will have a treat when I will arrive home. Another hour passed by, people queue because the airlines provide us an instant noodle. I couldn’t help by find it funny since it is really ridiculous to give us a small instant noodle and water. I need rice , I told myself. So I waited more and more until it was finally announced we are getting on the plane by 1 in the morning. People started to clap their hands and smiled as we all heard it. Just in the time before 1 in the morning we started getting ready on the plane.

I started to feel excited girls besides my seats smiled at me and it shows how much relieve they were as we go seated. My seatmate told me it was also her first time riding the same airlines. She said she came all the way to Bangkok and waited hours for another flight going to Davao City. I’m glad to have the same situation. My happiness increases as the flight attendant gave us a 2pc buttered chicken. But as much as I wanted to eat it, my appetite has gone since I just wanna go home fast. Few minutes as the plane starts the turbulence seems to have bothered me. I look at the passenger, they seemed to relax and keep eating the chicken. I don’t feel any excitement at all but scared. More minutes the plane seems to have troubles since I couldn’t feel any smoothness of the flight. As time passed, I have seen the passengers worries. I have seen there are scared. I wanted to cry that time, but any tears left wouldn’t come out. But my whole body trembles and couldn’t understand how much fear I have inside. Suddenly my seatmate, started to hold each other hand and prayed hardly. At that time, I was hoping if I died tonight I hope It’ll be fast. I don’t want to feel any longer pain. I was hoping none other by fast death and on the other part of me. I was saying sorry for all the things I’ve done. But I did pray in my own way. A little hope inside of me and wishing all these will be gone soon. But when I look at the window I see the sea. Although I’m 3rd seat from the window, I know I shouldn’t see it but I did. I doubt we will survive as the plane increases it’s turbulence. But just in a snap, the ride becomes smooth. I didn’t have any watch at that time. I didn’t know how long it did happen. When the pilot apologize for the turbulence and announced that we will arrive in a few minutes. I couldn’t understand how much thankful I am. When we finally arrived safely, my seatmate becomes a friend. We hug each other and exchange numbers. All their tears have been wiped and saw the watch on the wall, it was past 4 in the morning. The normal flight from Manila to Davao is 1 hour and 45 minutes, but it feels like forever. I think we have extended another hour of that flight. It was short , but the memory, the effect of its experienced left me traumatized.

I couldn’t ride plane again feeling safe, after 4 years from that experienced…. I rode again but never been the same feeling of excitement. 


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