Better Tomorrow

It’s funny how life seems so complicated when in fact we are the one who makes every decision. In life we should learn how to accept defeat, be opened minded and most of all learn how to let go of the things that should be let go of.

Words are always easy to utter, But intentions of the heart are always the real one. Even when we do opposite of what we really want inside, it will always shows and it’s not the other person who are deceive but it’s ourselves. For many times, I have been so proud when in fact I am actually shamed. So many times, I tried to reason out when I know deep inside I feel I’m losing the battle. Battle which I created inside my head. Hoping somehow I could win it. Hopes that are useless sometimes.

I always wanted so many things in life, I always wanted things that were unnecessary. And as life moves I sometimes moves back and keep replaying the best part I wanted too. Until I realize that I don’t like growing up.. Because I don’t want to accept the part when I lose myself. I don’t like the fact that I am nothing but me. It was hard at first… Took me years to figure out things. Until I told myself .. Let it be.

So on this day, I’ll be cautious, smarter and be the best of me. I know we are having difficulties so let it be this day be a bad day but tomorrow it’s a better tomorrow…



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