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Age means a lot. As I’m growing up, I realize that each year means everything not just my numbers but also the way we are living in. As I am turning late 20’s this year, I’m feeling separated with friends and the people we used to be with. We we all have our choices and one of them is to choose our selves without the habit of having a constant friends especially in our daily routine. But what excites me, is when you depart your self with people we are used to, when the time you will see each other again it feels the best. I felt not alone. 

I miss when I was younger, and sometimes I wish I could turn back the time. But turning back the time is impossible and It would always be a reminder of “Moving forward”. It’s a consistent thing we all should do. To move forward and the past memories our just memories that we might forget someday. 

I love the way life so complicated, I never really understand life. I feel like I’m always running. It’s like there’s a deadline. I envy those who live their life stress-free. I wish I could think the same. The age seems a time to me. Each year is telling me to do something better. Although I’m trying my best to be good, yet, I know I’ll never be that best. 


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