Finding Never Land…

Is there such thing as Peter Pan’s Land? Where we can all be young and happy? Where we can fly as far as we want and worry no more ?

There were a lot of times where I wish I could turn back the time, I could fix the wrong deeds I’ve done… and most of all… erase the part of my time where I regret doing it.

I regress over and over again.. each time I’d like to remind myself how much it is easier when we were young. But now we are old, older than we thought. I just don’t know exactly how to move forward. All I know I’m waking each time not knowing such outcome but the pattern of life is the same… survival and then death.

I’m clouded by the sorrows I’m feeling, by the hopeless thinking, by the mysterious sadness and happy place seems so hard to get.

peter pan
peter pan

Later, Tomorrow, and the next day.. who knows?

Probably the same.. probably..


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